Freelance Vs Professional French Translation

by | Mar 30, 2015 | Translation

A lot of people do not fully comprehend that value of professional French translation. The use of native French speaking freelance translators can often cause difficulties that can be rectified by employing a professional to do the translation job.

The use of freelance translators can have its benefits though these are really limited and relates mostly to costs. The rest of the aspects the use of freelance translators bring can all be disadvantages, depending on the quality of the freelance translator you choose. Let’s take a look at possible problems that can occur when you use a freelancer instead of a professional French translation agency.

Timing. One of the most difficult aspects any freelance worker needs to manage and come to grips with is timing and the motivation to work. These timing difficulties can often harm the client and their plans. With some freelancers it is often the case that work gets delivered past the deadline set by the client. In a world where time is money, this alone might cost you more than simply using an agency.

Unverified skills. Yes there are freelance translators out there, that are fully qualified and verified, but most of them are not. The lack in qualification might mean that you will receive an inferior end product filled with language and spelling mistakes. Rather use a professional French translation agency where you can verify the skills and qualifications of the translators.

Native speakers. Having a native speaker do the French translation might be a good idea, if they have knowledge of the second language that is on par with the native one. This is however not the case with French speakers who often despise English as a whole. A professional translator will work past historic prejudice to give you a completed end product that is free of mistakes.

Universal translators. A lot of freelance translators are universal translators that have no industry specific skills. An agency that performs professional French translation will have translators on their team that are specified and skilled is different industries and areas. A general translator is fine to use for general material, but legal or medical documents might turn out a mess if you do not used specialised French translators.

Quality. When you use a freelance translator there is absolutely no guarantee other than their ranking on the freelance pages that you will receive quality translations. If you use an agency instead, the quality of the work can be guaranteed or rewritten if you are unhappy with it.

Cost. Even though freelance translators might initially cost you less they might also cost you a lot more. It often happens that clients need to hire in more translators because the first one could not complete the job successfully. A professional French translation agency will have a team of writers working on your project to ensure that it is completed in time and at no extra costs.

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