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Are you looking for professional conference interpreters for your multilingual conference? Language Marketplace provides interpreters for both onsite and online virtual meetings and conferences.  

We are committed to providing the highest quality of conference interpretation services to all our customers. Language Marketplace provides professional interpretation service in any setting where there is a language barrier. We provide Conference Interpreting services and Instant translator (often called Telephone Interpreters) for business conferences, meetings, trade, government agencies, and medical conventions either online or in-person. 

Language Marketplace is the leading provider of professional Conference Interpretation Services (simultaneous translation) in Canada. We have professional local conference interpreters across the country. 

Strong Values Build Strong Relationships


All Interpreters are professional, accredited, and knowledgeable


Our friendly, respectful, and professional interpreters are available 24/7


Competitive pricing! Volume discounts and detailed billing


Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting available


Your dialogue is never shared unless required by law


Unbiased interpretation, maintaining message intent and integrity

Why Language Marketplace 

There are many reasons why our clients return to Language Marketplace for their interpretation needs. 

1. Quality

All Interpreters are professional, accredited and knowledgeable.

2. Service 

Our friendly, respectful, and professional interpreters are available for 24/7 service.

3. Pricing 

Lowest prices in the industry!
Volume discounts and detailed billing.  

Experience Matters

Our event conference interpreters participate in literally thousands of business and government conferences each year. 

Call 1-888-294-3032 to discuss your requirements with a Conference Language Coordinator! 

Our expert account coordinators: 

  • Are a member of your team 
  • Work to understand your needs 
  • Help set project goals
  • Plan the project process 
  • Select the right team of linguists 
  • Maintain rigorous quality controls 
  • Ensure commitments are met

Trusted partner of hundreds of business and government clients.

Services in Over 140 Languages of the World!

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