Lesson Learned

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Translation Services

Today I googled ‘ Zoom and Hacking’.

And I came up with these highlighted stories.




I pride myself on being very careful with internet Security and being tech savvy.

But trying to learn new ways, simple ways to offer our clients simultaneous interpretation, Zoom  impressed me. I thought I had done all the right Security protocols when I scheduled a meeting, as an open space for Mental Health this past Saturday. It was for Peaks for Change, which I am the Chair of the Board. Our intention to help all us that are dealing with the stresses of COVID-19 that is being inflicting in all of us.

We advertised on social media and we were live streaming to our Facebook page.

We had simultaneous interpretation in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

It is was a great meeting,  for the first 30 minutes or so, then two attendees, whom had been on the meeting for a while decided that displaying inappropriate and graphic material from their computer was the right thing to do.  They were unable to to take over my screen, as I already had that disabled, but they could display from their own window . I terminated one, but there was a second one waiting… and sadly we had to terminate our meeting, upsetting our honest and real attendees and stressing all of us out.

Then I read about all the security problems Zoom has.

What have I learned? Well several things, but for starters, when using  Zoom for a meeting or webinar moving forward it needs to be to a closed assembly  of people.  I will not use it in an open meeting, like I had intended. I would advise not to use it as a platform for Open Houses in Real Estate, because  one  should avoid putting the meeting ID and invitation on social media.

I have also learned that for business one should rely on a more secure platform such as WebEx.

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