The Benefits of Having Your Pet at Work

by | Jul 5, 2021 | Translation Services

As many of us transitioned over the last year to working from home, we got to experience what it’s like to have our pets with us while working. There is something special about having your fury friend by your side as you work that just makes the day that much better.

Let’s explore some of the top benefits of bringing your pet to work or having an office pet.

Reduces Stress

When you get home to your pet you always feel a sense of relief. They greet you with excitement and are always ready to play or get cozy for a cuddle session. This interaction helps increase your serotonin and dopamine levels, leading to reduced feelings of stress.

Having a pet at the office can help keep stress levels down for that exact reason. You can take a break to play with the puppy or cuddle with the kitten as you work on a big project. Their presence alone can increase your mood for the day, which will also help keep your stress levels down.

Decreasing stress over all in the workplace will help bring a better energy to everyone.

Increases Productivity & Morale

One direct result from decreased stress in the workplace is increased productivity and morale. When employees are less stressed and enjoy being at work, their productivity increases. Animals themselves bring more joy to any room which automatically increases the morale of those around them.

When employees have something to look forward to at work, they want to be there and end up doing better at their job. Of course, when all employees are more productive, the morale of the company increases alongside job satisfaction.

By allowing employees to have their animals at work or just getting an office dog, you’ll see better results from your employees and in increased retention rate.

Better Communication

Animals in the workplace can produce common interest across employees. This gives employees something to talk about, which leads to better conversations. Imagine setting up a dog walking schedule and two people go at a time – you’d get to interact with someone new one and have a great conversation while walking.

The more our employees interact with each other about more than just work, the better their communication gets. They learn how to have deeper conversations with each other, ultimately allowing them to learn how to interact with their colleagues effectively.

You guessed it, better communication equals decreased stressed and increased productivity / morale.

Animal Socialization

We can’t forget about the benefits for the animals specifically. Being able to bring your pet to work, have your employees bring theirs or just having an office pet allows the animal to have more socialization. We all know what it’s like to have stay home all the time, so what better way to give our animals an opportunity to socialize too?

Pets at Language Marketplace

At Language Marketplace we love to see our pets helping our employees. Here are two photos of pets that keep our employees’ company while they work!