The Top 3 Things in Your Business That Need Translating

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Translation Services

Deciding where to start when it comes to translating parts of your business can feel overwhelming. There is so many different things like a website, a pamphlet, your signs or maybe even just a business card that you might think needs to be translated.

The truth is you don’t need to translate everything right away. You can take your time with flipping over the entire business into different languages, but there are a few key things that you should start with right away.


This is the number one thing to get translated for your business above everything else. Your website is what the world has access to at all times. If you are working on expanding your market and reach to those that speak a different language other than the primary one on your site, you will want to make sure this is done first.

Your website is generally the first place that someone discovers who you are and what you do. You have about 10 seconds to capture their attention. If you stumble upon a site that is not in your native language or a language you know, you are likely to move away from it and find someone who caters to you instead.

To increase the number of visitors to your site and the length they stay you will want to have it translated. This of course will also help increase your overall business revenue.


Translating your testimonials is a little less obvious than the website, but it is equally as important. Your testimonials should be on your website, your social media and in any other materials you present to your potential customers.

By having your testimonials accessible in different languages, you are giving your potential customers an opportunity to connect with that testimonial in a way that wasn’t possible with the primary language.

We as humans are more likely to resonate with something in our native language no matter how many languages we know, which is why it’s important to translate your testimonials. After all connection sells!

Email Marketing & Newsletters

In today’s world, we are consumed by email marketing. Each day there are less and less flyers showing up at our door to tell us what sales are going on, what new companies popped up and what services we might need. Instead, they show up in our already flooded inboxes.

Some of us receive 100’s of emails a day that are simply marketing. Most of these are never read, but if you can find a way to stand out to your potential customers, your open rate will go up.

The easiest way to do this is to translate your email marketing and newsletters. This allows those who prefer to consume content in their native language the opportunity to consume your content willingly. Your newsletter will automatically be more appealing to them and will stand out amongst all the other newsletters in their inbox that are not catering to their native language.

Plus, the more eyes on your newsletter the more opportunities for your revenue to rise. If you are ready to get started with translating some of the things in your business reach out to Language Marketplace today for a quote.