Things to Look for in a Legal Translation Service

by | May 3, 2013 | Translation

Legal Translation Service


With businesses radically spreading all across the world, services for translations are in great demand to eliminate the most common barrier called the language barrier. Though there are numerous translation companies out there, you ought to thoroughly scan their reputation, experience, expertise, quality of services and rates to get the best deal. A translation company provides different types of translation such as technical, financial, legal etc. Out of these translations, legal translation is particularly important for a business. The legal translations include translating business contracts, agreements, certificate, patent related documentation, legal correspondence and other legal documents.

Three most important factors that people often look for in a translation company include accuracy, cost and timely delivery. No doubt all these things are important to be probed about while hiring the services for translations. However, in case of legal translations there are a few more factors which must be considered.

This is because of the fact that legal terms need to be translated in a particular way and even a minutest of misinterpretation or error can lead to severe complications. Thus, listed below is a list of all requirements which the legal translations must meet-

• Knowledge of the legal terminology- The legal translations are often said to be done in the best way by someone with a first-hand experience and expertise in handling the legal issues and matters. If not this, then at least a thorough understanding of legal terminology and jargon is a must. A knowledgeable person does not commit errors and mistakes.

• Accuracy- Legal translations must be 100% accurate. While translating the legal documents, full attention must be paid by the translator to each and every word, so that the exact meaning of the text is not altered. For error-free translations, proofreading the documents is extremely important. Even a single comma, punctuation mark or word can change entire meaning of a legal phrase and thus the accuracy standards should be pretty high.

• Awareness about laws in nations of both languages- Translation of the legal documents is not just about translating a document written in one language into another language, but also about translating from legal system to one country to another. Thus, a good understanding of lifestyles and cultures of both languages is essential. Legal terminology and jargon of every nation differs and thus a legal interpreter or translator should be qualified enough to understand the laws of both countries.

• Confidentiality- It is one of the most crucial things that one must expect from a translation service provider. The professionals should be discreet regarding the translations as the legal documents comprise sensitive data. So, strict confidentiality or privacy is apparently quite important.

Taking into account all these requirements would help you choose the best translation services.