Why You Must Hire a Professional Translation Company

by | Mar 21, 2015 | Translation

Any business which exists on the internet can target the whole world. If you want to make the most out of your website then you should consider getting your site translated. It might be easy to forget, but not everybody on the internet speaks English. In fact, only a relatively small proportion of the online population speak English as their first language. This means that you should investigate professional translation services to make your business stand out from the crowd.


Your business website should be designed to showcase the best of your services, products and exactly what your business can offer customers. Any business serious about selling internationally should seriously consider using translators to create websites written in different languages.

You can find professional translation companies to write websites in a number of different languages including Chinese, French, German and Polish among many others.

Choosing the right Team

Depending on the type of your business you will need to hire different teams of translators. Most businesses who want to sell products to people internationally will be able to hire a general translation firm. However, if you are a operating in a specialist area then you might need to hire a certain company.

There might be lots of special technical terms which can be difficult and confusing to translate. This is even more complicated if you are a medical, engineering, electrical or legal company looking or some translations.

Always hire Humans

When you are choosing a professional translation team you must make sure they are doing all the work themselves. You don’t want to find that the are simply running your text through a free online translator and giving it back to you. Free online translators are OK to get basic translations completed quickly. However, the accuracy isn’t guaranteed, and they will also read poorly compared to genuine human translators.

Remember that it’s not just readability of the translated document that is important, it’s also the reputation of your business. If you have poorly written content on your site then it will impact how professional your business appears to visitors. You must make sure that the translated content is of the highest quality so you are trusted by all the people that land on your site.


Hiring a professional translation company will be an extra cost for your business. It is certainly worth spending the money to do it properly though. Trying to launch your website in multiple languages without any investment is bound to end in failure.

Professionals have the training and experience needed to correctly translate all of your site. This will ensure that your finished content is correct and exactly as it should be.

What else can be Translated?

It’s not just websites that you can use professional translation firms to translate. You might also want them to help you translate your marketing materials, emails, letters, journals, adverts and even staff notices. Quite simply, if it’s written in English and it is important then it can be translated.

Choosing the Right Translating Company

Translation companies can be quite expensive, but it is money well spent when done properly. Just make sure you spend time choosing the right translator and that you read any reviews you can find abut them.

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